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  • 1,29,330 Dalith and Adiwasi families are ultra-poor, who are not able to afford even one meal in a day.

  • Out of 22.12 lakh households, 2.62 lakh (11.84%) households do not have ration cards.

  • 1,74,480 eligible widows still to get pensions.

  • 2,56,453 eligible old-age persons still to get old-age pensions.

  • 37,218 eligible persons with disability still to get pensions.

  • 10.90 lakh eligible households still to be covered by food security scheme.

ARV capacitates and motivates communities to access government food security schemes and programs. Women self-help groups are very active now in ensuring food security schemes for their families and communities.   

Food Security

More than 1,000 international volunteers from USA, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, Hongkong and Taiwan joined hands with ARV in building homes for homeless, taking part in children’s supplementary education and interacting with the communities to understand the living situation and culture in rural areas.

A non-profit social organization was established in 2001. It stands for humanity and changing the lives of the underprivileged, the discriminated and the poorest of the poor in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

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