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ARV Believes

  • Education transforms lives and break the cycle of poverty.

  • Education is the only way for all successes and to live in dignity

ARV Action

  • Appointed qualified teachers in the villages for tutoring the children every day after school.

  • Teachers clarify their doubts in all the subjects and ensure that their homework is completed.

  • It provides school supplies for all the children once in a year.

  • Provides scholarships for school dropouts and re-enroll them back in school. 

  • More than 2000 children are benefited from children supplementary education program.

  • Now Children go to school regularly; get good marks; are increasing their confidence levels and continuing their studies without fail; aiming for a better future

ARV Appeal

  • There is still need to work in neighboring villages and the communities are pressurizing ARV.

  • ARV seeks like-minded individuals, groups, companies and other agencies to expand the work in more villages and change the lives of children in rural India.

  • Rural Children have no access to quality education 

  • School dropouts and child labour rate are increasing 

  • Rural society is neglecting girl child education

  • Most of the children fail their Xth standard due to lack of proper foundation

  • Because of illiteracy in rural areas parents don’t understand the importance of education

  • Rural population is dependent on agriculture and work as day labourers. They are not in a position to send their children to corporate schools with their meager wages.

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