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Building Homes and Communities

ARV Identified

  • The poor lived in huts inherited from generations. These thatched huts are made of mud with only one room and are impermanent.

  • These are destroyed during earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, and cyclones.

  • Women had no means of privacy and suffered immensely.

  • There were no sanitation facilities. In all the seasons women and children had to go to wilderness for defecation. This was unhygienic and humiliation.

  • The homeless do not have the financial means to buy or construct houses on their own in their lifetime.

ARV Action

  • ARV built more than 350 houses for most vulnerable communities; 1750 people are happy and leading a secured life.

  • International volunteers joined with the communities in building their homes.

  • In response to Hud-hudh cyclone, ARV with the partnership of Habitat for Humanity India, HSBC and Wells-Fargo built a model village with 83 houses along with sanitation facilities and 1 community hall.

  • With the partnership of HFH India and Bank of America, ARV built 15 houses in Hyderabad.

ARV Appeal

  • There are still 1.77 million homeless people in India who are leading lives in miserable conditions.

  • Rural families are not in a position to build their own houses with their meager wages and approach ARV to build their homes.

  • ARV invites corporates, companies, volunteers and like-minded groups to be a part of building homes.

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